July/August/September 2022
By Chief Engineer / Board of Directors Leo Gillespie
September 28, 2022

Our Rescue Squad has been very busy these last couple of Months (July/August/September). We have been conducting inspections on all of our Ambulances, which is a yearly requirement that used our local Kessler's and Fesco facilities. We've also been helping out at Standby's at St. Mary's College and still providing quality care while responding to multiple calls in our First and Second Due areas, it has been a very busy summer.
Mission BBQ held a very special "September 11th" ceremony at the Mission BBQ restaurant and we participated with Ambulance 499. We also had our 1972 Cadillac out at a couple of events (Ridge Deli/St. Mary's Fair Parade) to show our support and "Thank the Community" for all of their support of your Local Rescue Squad.

Units: Ambulances 497, 498, and 499. Retired Ambulance 48.
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